Loyalty T&Cs

The G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program is operated by G’day Baby Pty Limited ACN 164 522 070 (G’day). Each member of the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Joining the Program

  1. Each application for registration of the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program is subject to acceptance by G’day in its absolute discretion.
  2. Only registered individuals can apply for G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program membership. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and other entities are not eligible to participate in the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program.
  3. G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program membership is available exclusively to registered individuals the online store located at gdaybaby.com.au (G’day Online) or those customers who nominate to join In-Store via the checkout process.
  4. A G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program member (G’day Loyalists) may only hold one membership. Registered users cannot be held jointly.

Earning Rewards

  1. G’day Loyalists will earn a reward when their point balance reaches 500. This applies to purchases at G’day Online and In-store. Only registered users of G’day Online or customers who register their account In-store are eligible for rewards.
  2. A Loyalist’ reward will be earned on eligible purchases so long as the member has signed-in when shopping at G’day Online or quoted their membership details when shopping In-store at the commencement of the checkout process. G’day Loyalist’ Rewards will be communicated via email at the time of issuance.
  3. A Loyalist’ reward may also be earned subject to member participation in loyalty opportunities made available from time to time and communicated via email to members and published via the dedicated Loyalty button located at G’day Online. Opportunities are subject to usage limits and the referral program is not available to members of the same household or family.

Customer Loyalty Program

  1. Reward Points will be allocated to a G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program member account on eligible purchases, at a rate of 1 Point per $1 dollar spent, so long as the member is registered and logged in at checkout, for online purchases immediately after each eligible sale is complete and payment received, subject to system availability. In-Store reward points are subject to the member quoting their membership details to the G’day sales associate at the commencement of the checkout process. Subject to system availability, points will be allocated to the member’s account on the same day they shopped In-Store.
  2. Reward Points earned via opportunities outside of eligible purchases are as listed at G’day Online via our Loyalty button and are subject to change and usage limits. Earn point opportunities will be notified via Email to the member, as soon as eligibility is verified by a G’day Team Member. 
  3. Reward Points are personal and cannot be transferred.
  4. Reward Point Balances and other details can, subject to system availability, can be checked by a G’day team member on request via rewards@gdaybaby.com.au or via G’day Online. G’day Online users must be logged-in to access their Reward Point Balance.
  5. Reward Points will not be earned on the purchase of a G’day gift certificate, e-gift voucher, delivery charges or tax at G’day Online. However, Reward Points may be earned when using G’day gift certificates and e-gift vouchers for payment of eligible purchases.

Redemption of Rewards

  1. G’day Loyalist Rewards can only be redeemed for goods sold via G’day Online or In-store in Australia, at both G’day operated stores and stores operated by its franchise partners. Store locations are available via G’day Online.
  2. G’day Loyalist Rewards are redeemable only by the active registered user-account they were issued to and are not transferable. G’day Online registered customers must be signed into their account at the time of redemption. Similarly, In-Store customers must quote their Loyalist’ membership details to the G’day sales associate in order to access their Reward during the check out process. A Loyalist’ member may be asked to provide ID at the time of their reward redemption.
  3. G’day Loyalist Rewards do no expire unless specified so at the time of issuance.
  4. A G’day Loyalist Reward can only be used once in a single transaction and when redeeming at G'day Online cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offer including our 'Buy 3 Save 20%' offer on our everyday essentials collection. 
  5. G’day Loyalist Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  6. Refunds will only be provided for goods purchased using a G’day Loyalist Reward in accordance with G’day refunds and returns policy. In the event of a refund, any G’day Loyalist Points earned for the original purchase will be deducted from the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program account.

Privacy and Security

  1. Membership details are Personal Information for the purpose of the Privacy Act and will be dealt with in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the G’day Baby & Kids Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be accessed at: www.gdaybaby.com.au/pages/privacy-policy.
  2. Personal Information will only be used for marketing, promotion and provision of information which G’day deems would be of interest to its members.
  3. Your G’day online password must not be disclosed to any other person. A G’day team member will never send a request for or contact you requesting your password or other personal details in relation to your Loyalty Membership.

Customer Loyalty Program Membership

  1. G’day reserves the right to suspend or terminate the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program at any time by providing not less than 30 days’ notice to members. If the program is terminated, then all rights accrued will cease.
  2. Membership in the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program may be terminated immediately by G’day if G’day has reasonable grounds to suspect that a G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program member has defrauded G’day or the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program in any way.
  3. G’day may terminate any membership of the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program without notice, if the relevant member: fails to comply with these membership Terms and Conditions; engages in misleading or deceptive conduct in connection with the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program; or the member does not use his or her account for a period of 24 months.
  4. A member may terminate his or her membership in the G’day Baby & Kids Loyalty Program at any time by giving written notice to G’day via email to: rewards@gdaybaby.com.au


  1. G’day may appoint its franchise owners of any participating G’day store to exercise any discretion conferred on G’day under these Terms and Conditions.
  2. G’day is not responsible for stolen rewards which have been improperly accessed or used by third parties either through your computer equipment or through use of your G’day Online password.
  3. G’day will not accept any liability for any Member Reward or Member Email that is misdirected, lost or not received.
  4. G’day cannot guarantee that Reward Points are earned if the customer fails to sign-in to their account prior at G’day Online or fails to quote their membership details during their In-Store transaction.
  5. G’day may make any changes at any time in its absolute discretion, to these Terms and Conditions by publishing so on this website.

If you require further information regarding the program we invite you to contact the organiser in writing at: rewards@gdaybaby.com.au