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GDay Baby

Newborn Needs

We’ve enlisted the help of new mum Danielle to share with us her tips when buying for a newborn.

“Those first few weeks with a newborn baby are joyous and overwhelming in equal parts. It is a time for lots of feeding, lots of napping, lots of changes and let’s not forget bonding. My baby arrived 3 weeks early and so I encourage all new parents to be as organised as possible. Have everything you need purchased, washed and ready to go for whenever bub decides to arrive. I remember being tempted by lots of colourful and gender specific clothing but a good friend reminded me that babies grow fast and that if I purchased good quality gender neutral items then they could be reused. Here is a short-list of my must haves from the G’day baby newborn collection. Keep in mind, if you don’t intend on washing daily be prepared to up the quantities. Wishing you all a magical experience for the arrival of your bundle of joy. xo Dani

2 Bassinet or Cot fitted sheets

2 Cotton wraps

2 Sheer Cotton wraps

(4 wraps might seem excessive but they will be needed… as blankets, as pram covers, for tummy time, for swaddling)

2 Beanies

4 Singlets

2 Bodysuit tee’s (long or short sleeve to match your climate)

2 Footed pants

2 Zip-up sleep suits with feet

2 bibs (I used these as burp cloths or for bottle feeds until we started solids at 4 months)”

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