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The Perfect Fit

Size Guide

Our collection is sized according to Australian Standards. For those not familiar with Australian sizing it is more generous than European sizing but not as large as USA sizing. While growing room in most styles is an advantage please select sleepwear products so that they fit snug, thereby reducing the possibility of catching fire.

Height is the best way to choose a size because children grow at their own pace. Measure the child’s height from the top of the head to the floor. Weight should also be considered where a child is above or below average. If you don’t have access to the child’s measurements then please refer to the age guide and consider the accompanying recommendations for Petites and Talls.

Baby Size Guide

0000/newborn 55cm 4kg newborn-5 weeks
000/0-3 months 61cm 6kg 0-3 months
00/3-6 months 67cm 8kg 3-6 months
0/6-12 months 75cm 10kg 6-10 months
82cm 12kg 10-15 months
2 90cm 14kg 15-21 months
3 102cm 17kg 2-3 years

Kids Size Guide

4 108cm 20kg 3-4 years
6 120cm 25kg 4-6 years
8 135cm 32kg 6-8 years
10 145cm 38kg 8-10 years
12 155cm 45kg 10-12 years

*If you are using our age guide we offer the following:

PETITES – go down one size

AVERAGE – according to age guide

TALL/PLUS – go up one size

If you would like advice on our sizing please email your requirements to [email protected] or contact us during business hours and we will happily assist.