We make local and ship global

About Us

G’day Baby and Kids is a homegrown Australian brand featuring high quality, ultra-comfortable essentials for children ranging from Newborn through to 12 years. The collection is both designed and made in Australia using Australian knitted fabrics including the finest Organic Cotton and Merino Wool.

Children are precious and their skin sensitive hence our commitment to local and ethical content - ensuring they receive the quality and purity they deserve while preserving the environment in which they grow.

'We want kids to remain playful and adventurous, with a great love of the outdoors, and to possess a deep respect for their amazing surroundings and the animals they share it with... this Aussie spirit is captured in our designs and together with our commitment to fit and functionality we are sure to become an essential part of any child’s wardrobe'.  Sarah, G'day Baby Founder and Chief Designer ('and most importantly mum of three')

Here’s why we are different than the rest:


Our garments are 100% made in Australia, from concept to completion. In doing so we create superior products by overseeing the entire production and quality process. It’s no secret that it costs more to produce locally but we think it’s necessary to ensure that textile professionals have a safe and clean work environment and are paid a fair salary in return for their skills. We feel strongly that people should always come before profit and we strive to minimise our impact on the planet through responsible and sustainable environmental practices. Since our conception, we have made each and every product in Australia utilising Australian fabrics. We love Australia and everything it stands for, we are proud to be an all-Australian label.


Our fabrics are seamlessly knitted meet the needs of our tiny and very fussy customers.  Our gentle Australian fabrics are produced with respect for textile workers and at mills dedicated to environmental best practices and where waste water recycling is exceeding the standard. Most importantly, our fabrics are dyed and finished without the use of harmful chemicals often found in fast fashion.


We source the finest Australian grown and knitted Merino Wool because it’s a star performer when it comes to performance. Merino is an all-natural bio-degradable fabric that is light weight, super soft and breathable. With naturally occurring anti-static and stain resistant properties it is great for children. It’s also wonderful for regulating little body temperatures too due to its ability to keep moisture away from the body, making it the perfect trans-seasonal choice.


Australian Certified Organic Cotton features heavily across our collection because we believe that the first layer closest to the skin and worn for hours on end should be as pure as possible. It’s also farmed in a way that is kind to our planet. You will love our Pure Organic Cotton collection, especially since it is made in the most gentle and purest way possible.


Free of harmful chemicals, PVC and Plastisols you will love the way our prints look and feel. We choose Australian water-based prints because they are safe for children and the environment. We only partner with Australian screen printers who care as much about our planet as they do our gorgeous products.


We strive to offer a high-quality experience for our clients. We value and welcome your ideas and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you. [email protected]